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    Spot-X two way satellite messenger.

    I finally fixed one of the niggles I have with the Spot X. Designed and 3D printed a stand for it so the antenna can be vertical. If you want to make one here is the link:
  2. NinjaHippie

    Anyone using APRS?

    APRS is extremely useful. In overlanding situations I use it mainly to get weather reports but have sent txt messages before I got my SpotX. It's also really nice when you find "that trail" but did not have any kind of GPS logging enabled on anything. On my FTM-400 I've enabled gps logging...
  3. NinjaHippie

    FTM-400XDR Question

    You just hit the SQL soft button on the screen and the VOL knobs become SQL knobs. Adjust as needed and poke the onscreen button again to toggle them back into VOL buttons. You can also program the outer/lower ring on the knobs to always be SQL and re-assign the onscreen button to something...
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    SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger

    FYI: Posted my review of the Spot-X in the reviews section yesterday.
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    Solar Setup

    Just had my first trip with my Renogy 100w "suitcase" system. Love it. Best money I've spent other than my trailer. Power is really important to me as I sleep with a CPAP. I have a standard SLA group 24 deep cycle battery. A normal night with the LED lights and the CPAP usually uses 1/3 to...
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    Spot X 2-Way Satellite Messenger

    Update. My review is posted in the "Reviews" section.
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    Spot-X two way satellite messenger.

    Finally got to give the new Spot-X a workout on a recent trip. Here is the review I’ve been promising. About me and my perspective in this review: I’m a 50 something geek. I’m a career IT pro and I’m a ham. I like gadgets and I build stuff. I travel with a dog in a 2006 Xterra with ~100k...
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    Spot X 2-Way Satellite Messenger

    Just checked and my order has changed from "Backorder" to "Processing". Hope that means that I'll see the gadget soon.
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    Newb question... Yaesu-400XDR

    I have the 400. LOVE IT! As far as overlanding I can't imagine a better rig. Built in APRS. Great GPS (the graph of your altitude changes is pretty cool). If you use the Fusion (digital) mode it sends callsign and distance with every transmission. You can poke the screen twice and be...
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    Spot X 2-Way Satellite Messenger

    Just ordered a Spot X a few days ago. Final thing that sold me is the SOV (save our vehicle) coverage that's available (and cheap). A couple of years ago I had a breakdown in a spot even my ham rig couldn't get out of. LONG day... When it shows up I'll give it a workout and post a review.