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  1. LONO100

    OnX or Gaia

    Was getting ready to take the plunge with Gaia and they only offer the premium membership for 39 bucks. No more regular membership for 29 bucks.
  2. LONO100

    Finally solved the noise from my kayak racks

    I knew both of those tricks and tried both numerous times. the twisting made the noise even worse, and I also adjusted the rack at 3 different angles with no success. I think it came down to where that front strap lined up on the hull with this particular rack, but with the distance between the...
  3. LONO100

    Finally solved the noise from my kayak racks

    I'm sure other people may have figured this out, but I was mounting my kayak with a new set of racks I bought for the first time and for some reason while I was road testing theracks before my next trip, the noise was unbearable. I've racked this same kayak on top of this truck before, and on my...
  4. LONO100

    My 2020 F-150 Coyote build aka "Truck Norris"

    I'm going to have to think about getting one of these!
  5. LONO100

    Let's see those full size rigs - Trucks & SUV

    Trying to keep things organized
  6. LONO100

    Getting on the 395 from the Bay Area

    How much was the entrance fee? I don't mind paying the fee if it shaves some drive time for me as oppossed to going up 108 and coming back down. How was the traffice passing through Yosemite? Was it a S show or bearable? Thanks in advance.
  7. LONO100

    3 kid friendly Overland Rig

    I found myself in a similar position last year. My wife nad I were childless for about 12 years and when it was just the two of us, we were perfectly fine taking either her 2 door JK, or my midsize truck with a moderate lift and lockers if we were going out for more than a few days. Once our son...
  8. LONO100

    Under Armor advice

    This is just from my own personal experience and what I've seen on the trail, but if you have to start off piece by piece, I would suggest protecting the fuel tank first. That's the softest thing under there, and can get cracked easier than your pumpkin, or your oil pan.
  9. LONO100

    Auxiliary battery issues

    Just a suggestion, but try running the ground to the starting battery. Frames are heavily coated to prevent rust so no matter how hard you have run a brush wheel or wire brush or sandpaper on the frame, you may not be getting proper contact to ground. I don't know how you have the wires grounded...
  10. LONO100

    mail service for lengthy trips

    Not sure if you have neighbors nearby, but we have asked neighbors to collect our mail during long trips. I've also had younger adult relatives and friends to house sit for me. It gives me peace of mind that my house doesn't look abandoned for weeks on end. They usually live in apartments and...
  11. LONO100

    When Your Daily Driver is Your Overland Rig

    My daily driver here: day to day towing camping/4-wheeling
  12. LONO100

    Roof Racks

    I have an F-150, similar roof line, similar cab, and I went with a set of Thule Aeroblades. I put everything from kayaks, to roof baskets, to ladders and lumber up there no problem. They are super modular, can be taken off and installed in under 5 minutes and I never worry that they won't do the...
  13. LONO100

    Looking for trail toilet ideas

    I've had this Dometic cassette toilet for quite a few years that I purchased from a Boat supply company called West Marine. My wife and I orignally bought it for our boat when we would go on all day/night Sturgeon trips. We would always dig holes and at first I never brought it because I liked...
  14. LONO100

    Chairs, lets sit down and talk about this.

    Every year I end up buying those basic collapsable canvas chairs you see at the local sporting good store or wal-mart, but I always manage to break them after the first summer of camping. I wanted to get a high quality chair that was still simple, easy to pack, and didn't have a bunch of...
  15. LONO100

    GMRS installation

    The best way to hook that up is to take the time to go through the firewall and connect directly to the battery. This will give you the cleanest connection and power which is important if you want to optimize radio performance. Make sure to buy a little inline fuse holder that you can run on the...