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1995 ZJ Limited. 4.5" Lift - 33x10.50 KM2s - ARBs Front & Rear - 410 Gears - Tomken Bumpers - Smittybuilt 10k Winch

Live in Sacramento, work in LA. I was a Commercial Still Photographer for 18 years. Produced & Directed two shows for FoxSportsNet. Now I rent gear to Film & TV Productions, and work as a Cinematographer, Gaffer, Key Grip, Rigger, Jib & Drone Operator.

I've been Adventure Traveling, on and off, for 30 years. Rode my bicycle from San Francisco to Mexico (550 miles in 5 days). Rode my Motorcycle RT from Los Angeles to Inuvik, NWT, Canada (8,000 miles in 3 weeks). Have run my Jeep in Moab and over every pass in Colorado (lived in Buena Vista). Also worked Search & Rescue and Ski Patrol for years.

Looking forward to meeting other Overlanders, and making taking some epic trips.
Sacramento, California
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TV & Film Production
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'98 ZJ 5.9L • 4.5" lift • 410 Gears • ARB Air Lockers
33x10.50 KO2s • Smittybuilt 10k Winch


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