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  1. jplemons

    2019 Chevy Colorado ExCab Diesel ZR2 - Bison Build

    Incredible build. Makes my ZR2 sad, lol.
  2. jplemons


    Have you tried some of the Colorado forums/groups? There’s a couple online and on Facebook. I’m sure there’s some Texas folks there. There’s also a ZR2 forum and Facebook page, which are the only places I’ve seen another ZR2, lol. I hear you, though. I’m new to this and haven’t met others at...
  3. jplemons

    Clovis/Fresno Meetup

    Sounds like a perfect reason to get new tires. [emoji6]
  4. jplemons

    New Garmin Overlander....What are your thoughts

    Slap “overland” on it, charge 60% more than it’s worth and hope the marketing sticks. I’ll pass. I’m considering an InReach at some point and use Gaia, a WiFi iPad and a Glo for my GPS signal. Eagerly awaiting the new Overland Bound app as well.
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    Plano box question

    I bought a couple of Remington boxes that have a gasket and are lockable. They were on sale and not much more than the Plano boxes but seemed bigger and more weather/dust resistant.
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    Cervical spine surgery

    I know I'm bumping an oldish thread, but I was wondering how this turned out. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in C5-C7 and am having an MRI to get a clearer picture. I've been dealing with the pain, tingling, numbness down my arms for at least eight months, hoping it would lessen...
  7. jplemons

    Clovis/Fresno Meetup

    I might be up for that. Complete newcomer, though.
  8. jplemons

    Adventures INTHEWOODS

    Wow. I had a trip planned for Florence next weekend but that’s scrapped now, lol. Backup plan was some spots above Bass Lake, but thinking I’ll settle for a day trip next weekend.
  9. jplemons

    Colorado ZR2 overland pickup

    How’d you do this install?
  10. jplemons

    2019 Colorado ZR2 Build

    Congrats! I’m really liking my ZR2. It’s still pretty much stock except for the bed rack and shock skids, but I’m already weighing options for tires. I also would like to get a front winch bumper and maybe a new rear bumper.
  11. jplemons

    Florence Lake, CA

    Nope. Plans are cancelled. I’m trying to find another option, but with this late storm, just about everywhere is going to blanketed.
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    How big is big enough? - Tire sizes

    That’s exactly what I’ve been looking into. I don’t think I have a need for 35s. Plus, to make it right, I’d need to regear. At 33s, I could get away with the GM front lift kit. If I add a winch and bumper, maybe use the Peak suspension coils to handle the extra weight. But the 255 option has...
  13. jplemons

    How big is big enough? - Tire sizes

    Sounds like a ZR2. Wait, it is. Lol. I’m waiting to see what AEVs big announcement is and then possibly move up from the stock to 33s. I think that’s all I’ll need. I’ll wait for the warranty to expire before I regear.
  14. jplemons

    Florence Lake, CA

    We're heading up to Florence Lake over Memorial Day Weekend. I haven't been to that area since I was a teenager and don't remember much. If anyone has some tips or input, please share.