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  1. J

    Best 1-2 person tent/swag?

    My wife and I have a Tupia two person tent. We've only used it a couple times but it's stood up and is comfortable in rain, snow, 40 mph winds(it was pretty loud but we sheltered, and safe) set-up and take down takes about 10-15min with one person. It has a thick foam mattress that seems to get...
  2. J

    First Aid?

    I carry personally stocked trauma kit. It's stocked as: -2 of each in Multiple sizes of h-bandages (Largest being an abdominal dressing, smallest being a head injure pressure dressing) -2 ace bandages -4 gauze rolls -4 Triangle dressings -4 tourniquets -2 rolls in 3 different sizes medical...
  3. J

    New from South Dakota

    Hi, I'm John from South Dakota. I drive 2012 Tacoma I've been slowly improving and altering my rig to best suite my needs. I work and play in the outdoors and really enjoy it. My wife and I love getting out and see new things and our two sons feel the same. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk