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  1. Jeremy M.

    Ham radio license is the best website to study with. The site tracks your progress and ensures you see all the questions in the pool. I also like the no nonsense study guides (google it) they help you establish a baseline before you start doing flash cards
  2. Jeremy M.

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    I have had the Baja Designs Amber Fog Light kit, but the kit I had was early and not SAE. The cutoff didn't cut it and blinded other drivers so I switched to the SAE kit. So far I am very happy with the results. My brother-in-law converted the connector to a H11 so they plugged directly into...
  3. Jeremy M.

    Ham radio????

    I have owned a Kenwood D710ga it’s a great radio and does basically everything. Here’s the rub it’s nearly $600. The Icom IC-2730 is $249 after the rebate. Recommending a $600 radio to a new operator is a barrier to entry. A vast majority of basic users will have one side set to a simplex...
  4. Jeremy M.

    Portable fire pits

    I love my Snow Peak pack and Carry fire pit.
  5. Jeremy M.

    Best tents?

    I love my Eureka Assault 4, its an outfitter grade tent.
  6. Jeremy M.

    Ham radio????

    Here is a great dual band rugged analog radio. For overland/trail use it’s perfect. There are plenty of radios with more features but this has everything you’ll need. Icom 2730a
  7. Jeremy M.

    Let’s be honest; Roof Top Tent- Yay or Nay?

    Nay, too heavy and expensive. I also like the ability to base camp without packing up my tent or even just move the rig once the tent is setup.
  8. Jeremy M.

    OB Approved US Comms - An Introduction to your communication options

    Great post, after making the transition from CB to Ham I wish I had done it years ago.
  9. Jeremy M.

    Series 100 Land Cruiser rebuild.

    Nice job on the sliders
  10. Jeremy M.

    2013 Tacoma DCSB TRD OR Build

    Here is a picture of my Christmas present. I got the Mobtown Off Road Tailgate reinforcement plate. Anyone who has a cap and has to kneel on the tailgate of a Tacoma knows it can be a torcher device.
  11. Jeremy M.

    Fridge Sizes - Let me see yours!

    Here is my 37qt ARB on a fridge slide in the bed of my Tacoma.
  12. Jeremy M.

    Full Skid Plate Selection (RCI, C4, or CBI)

    I have the RCI off road front skid on my Tacoma and I have been really happy with it.
  13. Jeremy M.

    Series 100 Land Cruiser rebuild.

    Awesome, any pictures?