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  1. J

    Rooftop Tent Rally

    Can you send a link to this event? I live 45 min from JRSP and haven't heard of this lol
  2. J

    Lowes trailer build.

    Nice where did you get your wheels/tires and did you need a different axle?
  3. J

    Lowes trailer build.

    That's the one.
  4. J

    Lowes trailer build.

    It's a 5x8 lowes utility trailer. Paid like $600 for it three years ago
  5. J

    Lowes trailer build.

    Did you switch out the axle? Or flip it under the springs? I flipped it
  6. J

    Lowes trailer build.

    Still have a lot I want to do but liking it so far. Did an axle flip to get some lift and the roof rack is from harbor freight. Smitty built xl tent. Planning on putting a toll box in the front of the trailer and some Jerry can mounts.
  7. J

    New guy in central VA!

    Just looking to see if there's anyone else in my neck of the woods maybe we can do some meet ups.
  8. J


    Located in lynchburg, VA 2012 4runner trail (stock at the moment) with a smittybuilt xl that I put on a 8ft trailer. Still a novice. Glad to be here.