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    Subaru Owners Registry

    I did it! I put rallitek springs in all four struts! Overload in the back and oe height in front. It's super nice! Also snagged some bfg ko2 (225/65/17). I wasn't sure what to expect. Rallitek says about half an inch gain but it's closer to an inch. Ride is very nice. It's noticably more...
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    Post Up Your Cockpit

    2019 Subaru Forester, lifted. Oooooold garmin nuvi with OSM topo maps, element fire extinguisher, trauma / first aid kit, midland 75-822 cb with a firestik, ram x mount / iphone.
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    Update your old (or new) Garmin GPS devices for free!

    Hey OB, Apologies if this topic is covered elsewhere. As i realize the limitations of my iphone gps (i love gaia but its offline maps are HUGE) i became interested in a dedicated gps unit. i see all these overland specific and trail ready devices like the Garmin overlander and the Magellan...
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    Fully lifted! Rallitek springs on all fours corners. Now to find some dirt..

    Fully lifted! Rallitek springs on all fours corners. Now to find some dirt..
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    Gettin lifted. (Rallitek spring install this weekend!)

    Gettin lifted. (Rallitek spring install this weekend!)
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    READ ME !

    That's a great collection. serious envy over here.
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    Overlanding with a kayak- Security

    Not super useful here but i have an inflatable kayak that i keep in my car when i need to lock it up. I have a large enough container to store it in while wet so my forester doesn't get water damaged and holds the accessories i need for it (pumps, paddles, pfds, etc).
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    Doing what we can to help

    I've never done anything that intense or large scale but i keep a well stocked trauma kit, fire suppression gear, and tow / recovery gear in my car at all times. I always stop to see if people need help and have a few medical / first aid stops under my belt now. it's amazing how few people stop...
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    Mushroom hunting

    i found these ink caps in washington state near the hoh.
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    Kayaks - Inflatable, Rigid, Folding. . . whaddya have and how do ya like it?

    I love it! i suggest this brand to anyone. they have different models for different things. i bought mine on for $250 on sale from $450. they stock them from time to time. i think right now they have an advanced frame single sit in kayak for $300 or so..
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    READ ME !

    I dont have any specific to overlanding books, but i bike, climb, and hike a fair bit and try to keep a library of guide books and whatnot as references when looking for places to go. here's one of my shelves. The Backcountry roads and California trails are great resources. Great topic!
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    Kayaks - Inflatable, Rigid, Folding. . . whaddya have and how do ya like it?

    I just picked up an Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 inflatable tandem. i was looking for a 14 foot fishing boat and trailer but realized after seeing a few i have no room for that, so i started looking at kayaks. i have a roof tent on my forester and dont like the idea of strapping yet another...
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    DIY Fishing Rod Storage

    most of us camp near water pretty often and the more i go out the more I am motivated to fish and I wanted a way to store my fishing poles outside the car. I made this for some 20$ at the local ace hardware. Holds 3 rods. it's not the prettiest but it works super well. i have a soft case for my...
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    OB Approved Overland Safety: Fire Extinguishers

    my response team has started to leverage this site: Responder Safety, Training, Learning Network . This course is targeting vehicle fires: Special Circumstances: Safe Operations for Vehicle Fires . interesting and useful data.
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    WHY did you choose YOUR rig?!

    It's amazing how many times i pull over to help someone only to be heckled by the jeepers that pass.