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    Black Mountain Fire Tower

    I love the amazing places that we can get to thanks to our Landcruiser. Last weekend we took the Black Mountain Road near Idyllwild, Ca. We have taken this road before and it is one of my favorites. This time we took a left instead of a right and took a little hike up to an amazing fire tower...
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    1N12 to Seven Oaks Dam: San Bernardino Mountains

    We finally found some time to hit a local trail. We took the 1N12 to the back of the Seven Oaks Dam. A great 6 mile trip that the girls and I nicknamed The Butterfly Trail because we saw so many different types of butterflies. Weather was perfect. You can see pics and read about the trip over at...
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    Black Mountain, Idyllwild Ca

    One of my favorite trips and only 20 minutes from home!
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    Family Trips

    @administrator When my husband came home with a 80 series Cruiser without has much as mentioning it to me I was pissed. For awhile I refused to even sit in it. Then a friend of ours (and fellow cruiser owner) convinced me to go on one off roading trip. Thats all it took. One trip. Our cruiser...
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    Member Rides

    Nice 80 series. We have one and we adore it!
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    Robert Greenlane Stories

    Great video! Loved the landscape. Gorgeous!
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    Overland Trips

    Check out my latest Dirt Road Diary all about our trip to Tierra del Sol 2015 Click Here
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    Overland Trips

    Share overland trips stories and pictures.
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    Family Trips

    Robert! That zip-line is very very cool! What a great idea!!! and food is always a good idea.
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    Family Trips

    Thanks Michael! We have the DVD's in my every day family car and use it for long drives to Santa Barbara mostly. We have managed to keep the DVD out of the cruisers.... so far!
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    Blog Posts

    I've been blogging all our trips!
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    Family Trips

    We have an 80 series Landcrusier and have been going on overland trips for over a year now. We love it. We have 2 daughters ages 9 and 4 who travel with us. Any suggestions on how to keep them entertained? The usual coloring books aren't cutting it anymore.