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    Maine Overlanders

    Really? Quite famous. Part of the Maine North Woods. Appalachian trail crosses it, Gulf Hagas, the Grand Canyon of Maine is near it.
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    Trolling around my little town in Southern NH

    I've been on a few like that in NH. Coming off Jefferson Notch rd, which was dirt, and crossing base road to Clinton rd. which ws paved. Clinton rd was horrible! Its much better since a section of it washed out one Spring. Smoothed most of the boulders right away.
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    Trolling around my little town in Southern NH

    I didn't think there were any dirt roads left in Southern NH.
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    Ford Maverick and the small overlanding pickup truck

    This is targeted directly at the same people who are still driving old Rangers. They are everywhere! A small pickup that would be easy to drive around town, seats 5, has more backseat room than the 5g Ranger. For those who want or need a small pickup and think the 5g Ranger is too big. 40MPG...
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    Anyone running a Haven Tent?

    I thought you were talking about this: Haven tarp But its different. I have a SMD Haven Tarp, and love it.
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    Morale Patch Collecting

    Mostly hiking related. I'm going to have to dig up some others and put up.
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    2019 Ford Ranger Build (Trigger)

    you have about 1400 pounds you can add to a Ranger before you're over the GVWR. That includes passengers and fuel. 8.3 pounds to the gallon for water and 6.3 for fuel. 15 gallons of water = 125 lbs 23 gallons of fuel = 145 2 adults = 400 GFC camper 200 to 225 recovery gear (wild ass guess here)...
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    Maine Overlanders

    Didn't realize there was a Maine thread. I'm living in Biddeford, for now. I'm ready to retire and travel. Building up my 2020 Ranger to live out of come the end of tourist season. Looking to get a cargo trailer to convert at some point. Selling the Condo and become a nomad. With this crazy...
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    Working on the road- Hotspot

    I have a built in wifi hotspot in my truck. $200 a year prepaid with ATT for unlimited/22 GB a month, then its throttled. I can get unimited plan with Google Fi for ~$50 a month per phone, so that's three plans, ~ 66GB a month/unlimited for alll my streaming needs.
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    Tacoma Overland Drawer 2.0 PullKitchen project

    Share away Dave. I was wondering about the covers. It was mentioned once upon a time. As soon as Go Fast builds my camper, it will be covered, better, anyway. It was really hard for me to drill holes in a 10 month old truck.
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    Tacoma Overland Drawer 2.0 PullKitchen project

    Finally got it all installed today. Coincidently, A friend of mine posted an overland build her husband did for a customer of his. He had a red Pullkkitchen in it. I guess there are at least two in Maine, now.
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    Running out of toilet paper

    My GF always buys backups of everything. When she opens a new bottle of Ketchup, she makes a note and buys its replacement, same with toothpaste, and everything else in the house. Hell, she has an emergency frozen pizza in the freezer. She buys the blue 12 packs of Charmin, 6 rolls go upstairs...
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    Paper maps? still a thing or no?

    Hasn't changed much from the '80's when I was using them to ride around all the logging roads that criss-cross Maine. Invaluable tool. Funny, back then we called it "touring" as, we were "on tour". Put a lot of offroad miles on a '78 toyota Corolla and an '87 two-wheel drive Ford Ranger. Friends...
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    $30? try $129 I'm OK with a luggable loo or a cathole. Charmin blossoms and discarded Kleenex really chap my ass.