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    Reoccurring - Central Oklahoma BBQ & Rigs - 02/10/2018

    Enjoyed meeting everyone tonight... Sent from my iPad using OB Talk
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    FOR SALE Tacoma Light Bar and KC lights

    I am selling the light bar and four KC 4213 lights from my 2014 Tacoma. This is part of the T-Force package. Ideally I would like to sell everything as a package - bar and all four lights. Asking $450. Shipping cost to be paid by buyer or we can meet if close to Norman, OK. Contact me at...
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    New Mexico Indian Reservation Concealed Carry

    I am planning a trip to the Ruidoso/Cloudcraft area in April for 4wheeling. We expect to travel on some tribal roads. I have searched the web and found that tribes can enact their own rules on carry. (Am aware of tribal laws not applying to non-Indians...and what that means...). The references...
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    OB Members Map!

    Please upgrade for map access. Member number is 3091. Thanks
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    OB Members Map!

    I guess I will need to wait for my member number. Sent from my iPad using OB Talk
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    OB Members Map!

    Sorry about having to ask, I just joined OB and registered for the forum. How do I "upgrade" my forum status to member? Thanks
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    Oklahoma overlanders where ya at?

    New to the forum and to Overlanding, I am in Norman.