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  1. Dilldog

    Rig selection

    A good friend of mine at the Riverkeeper has a newer tundra (the more "bulbous" body style). I think he says he gets around 16mpg, its bone stock. But having ridden in it for hours on end and packing quite a bit of scientific gear and going to some out of the way places I would say a Tundra is a...
  2. Dilldog

    Looking for some Advice :)

    If I were to be going your rout first thing that pops in my mind is a Suburban (though a Ford or GM van would work very well too). Tons of space, tons of capability, super easy to work on. I will admit though that older GM stuff is certainly not free of issues. But for me when I look for a rig...
  3. Dilldog

    Tool Box Must Haves?

    So I used to carry TONS of tools, like nearly enough to overhaul an engine on the side of trail. The single biggest thing I have found that is useful, is simply maintaining your rig. The only times I had issues is when I neglected something, or was so incredibly stupid that things were...
  4. Dilldog

    Control Arms

    Honestly with a vast majority of light duty suspension you are time and money ahead to just buy "loaded" components. But for durability and serviceability I would go with a tubular steel arm that uses poly urathane bushings.
  5. Dilldog

    Fake Overlanding?

    To me overlanding is just using your car to get out into the world and experience something outside of your normal. It will typically include some off highway but I dont even think it needs to. Its just all about getting to areas that you find interesting or exciting. In short, my belief is that...
  6. Dilldog

    07' Tundra Axle Bearing Tools?

    Most auto parts stores have specialty tools they loan out, so I would call around. Also if it comes down to needing to spend $200 for the tool, you might be able to get a shop to do wheel bearings for close to that price.
  7. Dilldog

    Old Vehicles.

    I have always wanted a pickup powered by the 305 (or was the big one only a 302?) GMC V6, parked next to one powered by a 4-53T...
  8. Dilldog

    Old Vehicles.

    Only way to make that better would be if it were a GMC, I love dual headlights...
  9. Dilldog

    Wrangler vs Toyota 4runner

    I am against light duty diesel for many reasons, if you want to know them send me an IM and Ill tell you, but I wont clog up this thread with it out of courtesy. Now to the point at hand... Having been around both the 4 runner will ride better and handle better on pavement, and also run...
  10. Dilldog

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    Its because like most things in life, perception is everything. If you are able to look past this fact, then you will be more apt to engage and see multiple points of view...
  11. Dilldog

    Powered off road trailer wheels

    There are two ways I could see this working. First with an old school rig you could go PTO, hydraulic pump then run hydraulic motors on each wheel end of the trailer (or run one motor and a small drive shaft or directly mount it to a pickup truck drive axle. A Ford 9" of GM 10.5" would be good...
  12. Dilldog

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    my first car wich was a 1980 LUV is what got me going. I LOVE old school Isuzus... Bottom line in everything there will always be what appears to be an elitist element. Sometimes it is legit people doing things to show off, more often its people who simply have the money through hard work to...
  13. Dilldog

    4x4 Diesel Moto / Overland Van.

    I hear ya on wanting to run a Cummins. Honestly the only thing I dont like about the Navistars is the injection system. HEUI works amazingly well, until it doesnt. And where as with an old school mechanical injection pump you can replace just the injection pump or nozzle that fails and be good...
  14. Dilldog

    Jeep Wrangler Owners

    I typically rotate my tires every about 6K miles. Like the post above, my spare was always a left over from the previous set so I never did a 5 tire rotation. For pattern I always X the fronts to the back and bring the rears straight forward, that is the recommended method per literature for my...
  15. Dilldog

    Theory vs reality

    I do agree theres lots of risk with a Hi Lift, and yeah actually I have been hit by one, a few times. Neither was serious because I stand to the side of them (also something a lot of people dont consider with lots of things, the lines of fire). As far as performing maintenance under a Hi Lift...