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    What Air Filter?

    I have a snorkel mainly to reduce dust. No change in fuel consumption. I defiantly see the positive difference in less dirt on the filter and air box. As mentioned, at about normal intake height of most trucks you meet all the size particles, and as you go higher, less of them=less dirt to...
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    What Air Filter?

    Look for high quality non-reusable filters. Fine dust with high quartz % (silt) is what kills your engine. Silt+oil (your engine oil..)=grinding paste to your engine’s internals. Reusable filters are just not filtering good enough. “High flow” filters in the original filter house equals to less...
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    Garbage transportation

    Tried it, but it slams around and rubs off the tailgate’s paint when off-roading.
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    Garbage transportation

    DIY, but I guess you can modify something else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Garbage transportation

    Posted here before, but still relevant. Improvised/improved?/recycled from an old garden chair. The bag itself is a construction bag. Folded: And another nice solution, based on a bicycle rack:
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    Wok vs Scottle

    Wook, big one. and at good stove. Does everything a scottle does, at a fraction of the cost.
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    Solar panel for off-grid camping

    which BT controller do you use?
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    On the Trail Cooking

    Very basic breakfast (coffee and another coffee..), and off for the trail/rode. The kids get their cornflakes etc We stop for a true lunch, cooking one of these options usually because it’s fast and it’s real food: pasta/tortilla with chicken or beef, noodles with vegetable and meat/chicken...
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    Member Rides

    1997 Hilux, 2.4D Bought in 2001, The last year make with OEM Solid front axle 31” bf/km2 F&R E-Lockers 4.7transfer Old-man suspension with bilstein 7100 RR shocks, Winch, water tank, fridge, drawers in the bed, aluminum roof rack with led lights and more, 648k km on the odometer.. and...
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    When Your Daily Driver is Your Overland Rig

    Great article. Should add the benefit of other drivers less motivated to cut you off when they see that small steal elephant in the lane beside them. Add a secure main cutoff switch for the winch. Heard about and personal had people massing with the winch line on the street. The awkward look...
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    What happened to all the true adventurers?

    28 years old and already changed a dozen trucks, proud of traveling 6 states (not even outside USA?)..and define himself as old school, or anything? What about just a bit of self modesty? I wheeled longer then his existence, before I learned there is a definition to what drives me, literally...
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    Do you NEED Lockers for Overlanding?

    Off-road vehicle equipped with lockers and TC, as those LR, and wearing 22” rim and low profile tires, is a heavy weight boxer wearing stilettos.. They blew tire just by touching the sidewalk.
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    Do you NEED Lockers for Overlanding?

    I address lockers as safety and insurance when going off-road. same as off-road worthy tires. You can overland in an AWD or a 2WD vehicle, and have the time of your life, but your limited by where you can go. if you overland with a real off-road vehicle, you might as well use it’s added value...
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    Overland Journal

    While I agree on the motorcycle issue, i defiantly want less articles of motorcycles. But do you know that it is an international magazine and not “American” magazine?