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  1. David H

    Who's upgrading their rig or planning a trip with their tax return?

    Lift, 35" Milestar Patagonia tires, and portable power station (to power our new SetPower EA35 37 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge 12V already ordered and on it's way).
  2. David H

    US Northwest Boise Area Fire tower Camping Trip

    Sounds like a lot of fun. We'd love to do some hot spring camping.
  3. David H

    Cancelled Washington BDR Overland Trip 2021

    This trip sounds fun, but we'll be in Las Vegas for the E3 Conference the same weekend. Wishing all that do the Washington BDR all the best... :-)
  4. David H

    Hello From Boise Area

    Hey Darby - Welcome to Overland Bound. Everyday I'm amazed to see how much getting out is so helpful to our physical and mental health. If you don't mind me asking, what type of overlanding/camping experience do you have? What are you looking forward to for this next 9 months? What...
  5. David H

    Camp entertainment

    I definite option - especially with younger kids. I use an old white queen bed sheet (not fitted) and hang it with clothes line pins from a rope on top, and tie to rocks on the bottom. You can get as creative as you want. I saw one that people setup at a park that had 3' wooden dowels sewn...
  6. David H

    Cancelled Southern Idaho / Treasure Valley - Monthly Conference Call (2nd Sunday @8:30PM MST)

    I currently have to work Sunday evenings so it is postponed for a couple months. I will post an update tomorrow. I should be able to start back up in February or March.
  7. David H

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone in the OB community...

    Wishing everyone in the Overland Bound community the fullest of love and joy in this Christmas and Holiday season. And a very special thank you to @Michael and @Corrie, for your dreams and sacrifices to make this a reality for so many. Looking forward to may awesome adventures with all of...
  8. David H

    SW Idaho Overlanding

    We had a great time George. Sorry we had to bail before that hill run - but had to get Chava home... Looking forward to next time. If you are anyone has video of us climbing up that muddy hill where everyone parked for the walk to/from the falls, I've love to see it...
  9. David H

    SW Idaho Overlanding

    It wasn't that bad was it. I especially loved the uphill rumble in the Jeep. Finally go to put it in 4 Wheel Drive - and 4-low to top off the excitement. I can't wait to see some of the PICs and Videos... If you (or anyone else) has pics and videos of this trip, please post a copy here...
  10. David H

    SW Idaho Overlanding

    We will keep you in tow if needed... :-)
  11. David H

    SW Idaho Overlanding

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to meet everyone there...
  12. David H


    Hey Alabama - Welcome to the greatest Overland Bound community in this Universe, and any other universe known or unknown... :sunglasses:
  13. David H


    Welcome to Overland Bound. Can wait to see you and your Taco out there...
  14. David H

    Howdy from Texas

    Henry, Idaho sends you a warm welcome to Overland Bound.
  15. David H

    Cancelled Reoccurring 2nd Sunday of the Month Conference Call for Southern Idaho (8:30 PM)

    Hey! Welcome to the reoccurring 2nd Sunday of the Month conference call for the Southern Idaho Meet-Up. I'm keeping this as an online Meet-N-Greet for now due to the re-emergence of the Covid virus in the Idaho area. We will be discussing upcoming trips and possible Live Meet-N-Greet for those...