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  1. Cruiserhead17656

    2013 Jeep Wrangler Trail Ready

    Sorry if I missed it where you located
  2. Cruiserhead17656

    Clovis/Fresno Meetup

    Plan on meeting up Saturday [emoji1303]
  3. Cruiserhead17656

    Camp Photos!

    Sequoia National Forest
  4. Cruiserhead17656

    Rocky Mountain Overland Rally Aug 1-4 2019

    The location is Gunnison Colorado google search Rocky Mountain Overland Rally for info
  5. Cruiserhead17656

    Roof top tent hardware... help

    I had no rails that’s the problem just got the tent with brackets on it so had to make my own rails
  6. Cruiserhead17656

    Clovis/Fresno Meetup

    Buck Rock trail is open now Central Valley Crawlers opened it cleared it this weekend. I’m available the 20th [emoji1303]
  7. Cruiserhead17656

    Roof top tent hardware... help

    Bought 11/4” square tubing bolted it to rack and the brackets on the tent sit on this. What do you think?
  8. Cruiserhead17656

    Central Valley/Central CA Roll Call! Where you from?

    Welcome aboard not been here long myself check out the Clovis/Fresno meet up thread we’re trying to get something set this or next Saturday
  9. Cruiserhead17656

    US Rocky Mountain Rocks n Rockies

    Thanks for the quick response [emoji1306]
  10. Cruiserhead17656

    Clovis/Fresno Meetup

    Could we do next Saturday to give everyone a chance to plan for it? I’m game for a bbq meet up in Clovis or Bass lake
  11. Cruiserhead17656

    US Rocky Mountain Rocks n Rockies

    What time is the meet up at the Market on Sunday wife and I will be at the RMOR in Gunnison leaving sometime Sunday. Might be cool to hang out with yall Sunday and Monday head back to Cali Tuesday... Not sure how that would work out?
  12. Cruiserhead17656

    Need help planning an overland trip based on current build and skill. Chino, CA to Salt Lake City, Utah. July 4-12th

    Exactly what I was thinking check the weather before heading into some of those regions it can prove to be deadly
  13. Cruiserhead17656

    Roof top tent hardware... help

    Bars are only 1/2” that run the direction of the bracket I can fab something if I must