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  1. Color_Country_FJ

    S. Utah to Olympic Peninsula

    Travel Time Will be as needed up to two weeks. as far as how far into Olympic national park, i was thinking about Graves creek and Hoh rain forest. still trying to hash out the details from further south so i haven't spent alot of time looking at Olympic NP yet
  2. Color_Country_FJ

    National Parks of Utah - Trip Planning

    I live just outside of Bryce canyon and dispersed camping is allowed in the area. If you would like more info pm me Sent from my XT1650 using OB Talk mobile app
  3. Color_Country_FJ

    S. Utah to Olympic Peninsula

    So a little update, I have refined our route a bit, we will start in southern utah, go into Panaca Nevada, cross over Nevada into Benton Ca, there we will camp for the night. The next day we will tour through Yosemite NP. From there we will drive to San Francisco. We will stay the night there...
  4. Color_Country_FJ

    S. Utah to Olympic Peninsula

    My Wife and I are in the VERY Early planning stages of a trip from southern Utah to the Olympic Peninsula very loosely slated for late summer 2018. Just want to get some ideas from other OB members pertaining to routes, camping areas and sights to be seen along the way. Right now I'm putting our...
  5. Color_Country_FJ

    Camp lantern

    Just to throw my 2 cents in here, Ive been using The Siege Lantern from Streamlight for about 4 months now and I gotta say its amazing, Runs 30 hours on high, 3 days on medium and 12 days on low with white LEDs, Has A red Led that has an S.O.S. setting, dirty tough, floats and can hang from just...
  6. Color_Country_FJ

    What is your rigs name

    Lola II, The first Lola was a 92 YJ. One day as I was driving the jeep trying to think of a name a song called Lola Montez came on and as I listened to the song I realized that the song was about an exotic dancer. "How Does this apply to a jeep?" you might ask, well a jeep can take her top off...
  7. Color_Country_FJ

    Southern Utah Winter 4x4 Jamboree, January 19-21 2017

    I will be attending this event so there will be at least 2 Overland Bound members there, look foreword to it!
  8. Color_Country_FJ

    Fj cruiser cargo area gun rack

    I'm looking to put a gun rack in the cargo area of my fj, but I don't really like any of the commercially available options, has anyone made anything similar and if so can you post a picture
  9. Color_Country_FJ

    Recently purchased Fj cruiser

    Thanks for all the advice guys, I already slapped a optima in it and changed all the fluids and I have a 2" leveling kit in the mail
  10. Color_Country_FJ

    Recently purchased Fj cruiser

    I'm just looking to see more of the back country where we live ( southern utah ) no serious rock crawling
  11. Color_Country_FJ

    Recently purchased Fj cruiser

    I have recently purchased a 2007 Fj cruiser to help coerce the wife into going on some adventures ( she hates my 92 yj lol ) and I just was wondering what other fj owners would recommend to upgrade the cruiser