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  1. CJTherapy

    Looking for suggestions in Coeur D'Alene area

    I'm doing something similar 3rd week of July. Going to be spending about a week in the (north of) Spokane and ID area and looking for 'must see' type places or camping/views.
  2. CJTherapy

    Maze District, Canyonlands NP 2021

    Met with 2 fellow members in Hanksville, UT for 5 day, 4 night trip into the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park. Wind and Rain the first night at Panorama Point and Happy Canyon. Great weather for Dollhouse 3 and the Wall. Great time had by all!
  3. CJTherapy

    Greater Seattle area virtual campfire

    Just found this thread! I've got a couple trips planned for this summer already but depending on the weekend I could be talked into doing an overnight or something. Now that I know this thread is here I'll keep checking back to see what other 'locals' are up to!
  4. CJTherapy

    Keeping it simple (and reliable)

    So, so true....... We may need to start a GJA (Gear Junkie Anon.) group for those like me who just can't stop.......(oh look! Something shiny!!!)
  5. CJTherapy

    Alaska bound

    I grew up there. But live in WA now. Does that count?
  6. CJTherapy

    US Northwest Everything Just Went Sideways

    Missed this. Any chance of getting a summery of what was discussed and maybe some pertinent details?
  7. CJTherapy

    US West Canyonlands NP- Maze District

    Come explore with me the beautiful Maze District in Canyonlands Nation Park, Utah. Beginning April 26th and ending April 30th we will spend 4 nights in one of the most remote locations you can get by vehicle. This is not a trip for the in-experienced off road driver or first time adventurer...
  8. CJTherapy

    Cancelled Old-School Vehicle Overlanding Trip - Running the WA Backcountry Discovery Route

    Hi, I just downloaded the app to see what info I could find about the WABDR and came across this thread. Didn’t find the dates that you have set aside but would be interested if it works for my schedule. I’ve got an 82 CJ5 that I’ve built up and should be able to easily handle the trail and...