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  1. CatButt

    National forest service annual pass

    I had my Veterans ID card and got the same card you got last time I was in Death Valley.
  2. CatButt

    Reminder to get your CA Fire Permit

    Great heads up...kudos.
  3. CatButt

    My 2019 Ram 3500 far

    Nope...I had the HO on my 2018 and it shifted pretty rough unless loaded or towing. The RFE is a better trans for daily and not towing driving. I didn't need the extra few ft lbs either. The truck doesn't even know the camper is there...minus a loss in mpg...but that is a combo of wider/larger...
  4. CatButt

    Route Advice

    Looks like some good fun. If you have time head North to Crested Butte and play in the mountains there. Lots of fun to be had. You could even keep going all the way to Glenwood and head east from there to return home.
  5. CatButt

    US West King of the Hammers

    GREAT pics and congrats on the new Offroad recruit!!! Hammers is a ton of fun, been going for years.
  6. CatButt

    My 2019 Ram 3500 far

    Works is just ever so slightly more sway than without. In other words, it leans a tad when pushing it into offramps, 2 lane road corners, etc but ONLY in the initial part of the turn. It is not unnerving by any stretch. My JK was all over the road with even the slightest breeze. If I...
  7. CatButt

    My 2019 Ram 3500 far

    Everything minus the rear springs...and I didn't change those YET only because I don't know what I am going to end up with weight wise in the back. My stock springs sagged a couple of inches when I added the camper and swing out. I the spring rate is still too high, so I am thinking a softer...
  8. CatButt

    My 2019 Ram 3500 far

    Thanks, it has been a BLAST to put together the stuff I have been planning for a couple of years. Well...I assume you are referring to rubbing. I only get a very slight rub at full lock and full compression. Full lock and full compression is something that should never happen as it is bad for...
  9. CatButt

    US West King of the Hammers

    Get together at KOH to watch lunatics do silly stuff in the desert...YAY!
  10. CatButt

    My 2019 Ram 3500 far

    This build was delayed a couple of years. I bought basically this same truck in 2017 (2018 model), however, it ended up being a lemon and over almost a year in the shop Chrysler bought it back. While this was happening I bought a super cool JK with an Ursa minor, on 37's, long arms, etc. It was...
  11. CatButt

    US Northwest I want to do the TAT (Trans American Trail) in 2021

    -HAM is great idea and for the most part easy to get. The license is a barrier to entry, but not an insurmountable one. -Full size spare is a either keep tire sizes close enough to stock to run a spare in stock location or commit to a swing-out carrier. Bonus is the swingout gives you...
  12. CatButt

    2500 Ram bumpers

    Chassis Unlimited...just put one on my 2019, but they have almost identical versions for your truck.
  13. CatButt

    I want to see the Rams

    Death Valley and surrounding...
  14. CatButt

    Mojave Road 12/27-30

    What direction you traveling? I have not heard any trail info lately and I do not think there has been much weather so I wouldn't worry too much about that. When I did it in the Spring the lava tubes were closed but everything else was open.
  15. CatButt

    Power Wagon rock rails/sliders

    Another option...bolts to pinch weld. Maple, White Knuckle and most others will flex up and contact body. Obviously, if they hit hard enough it could still damage the body. These cannot hit the body as they bolt directly to it. Have not seen these in person, but I like the looks and the idea...