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  1. CapitalQ

    CapitalQ’s 2018 F-150 build

    I plan on using Rancho coil overs. I’ve had good luck with Rancho in the past on my older trucks.
  2. CapitalQ

    CapitalQ’s 2018 F-150 build

    Right on man be sure to post a thread when you get it started. I’d love to see it progress!
  3. CapitalQ

    CapitalQ’s 2018 F-150 build

    Hey guys I’m a long time listener first time poster on this forum. I gotta say I love this forum cause everyone is super cool and friendly. Anyway down to business! So I recently pulled the trigger on a new F-150. It will mainly be my work truck so I’m keeping things mild and somewhat modular...
  4. CapitalQ


    Hi, the capital “Q” stands for Quinn. I am currently building up a 2000 F250 V10 4x4. Its probably a touch too large for most of the trails near me (Merced Ca) but I figure the best place to start is with what’s already in the drive way. I look forward to getting out to some events and meeting...