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    US West Sierra Foothills Overlanders Monthly OLB meet-up/meeting.

    This will be my first meeting. Looking forward to it.
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    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    Forgive my ignorance. I’m new to the off grid navigation game. I have a Garmin in reach explorer plus and I also have a late model iPad with WiFi and cellular. So, if I want to navigate where there is no cellular service I have to use my Garmin Inreach paired with my iPad correct? I haven’t...
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    2020 Toyota Sequoia

    My Overland rig has to cart around a family of six. So I'm building a Sequoia for Overlanding. It's a TRD Pro so it came with some nice fox shocks. I wanted to add a minor lift and some bigger tires to give myself a little more ground clearance. So I went with a Westcott Designs lift. It's a...
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    Hello Kent! I’ve updated my location. I’m in Placerville. I see that we are neighbors. I’m looking forward to attending future monthly meetings. Looks like you meet up in El Dorado Hills. Hope to see you at a meeting when we are allowed to gather again. Thanks for the welcome and the information.
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    Hello, new member here from Northern California. Just purchased my overlanding vehicle, a 2020 Toyota Sequioa TRD Pro. I’ve been running around the trails of the Eastern Sierras getting to know the stock capabilities of our new rig. My wife is already looking at rooftop tents! Nice to meet you all!