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  1. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Beach driving and camping

    I know is not on your list but have you considered driving west and down to baja? if beach driving a camping is what your are looking for that’s the place to go.
  2. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Cot Recommendation?

    If you get a change I’d like to see both cots picture side by side and maybe both packed up for reference. Used to have a TJ as well. And always liked the light and smaller gear. Even now with a 4runner, with a 4yr old and big dog is nice to keep it light and small when possible.
  3. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    We sold the 2001. But we still have the 2003 4runner. Concord/Pleasant Hill
  4. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    Pleasant Hill 01 4runner
  5. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Members Instagram ID

  6. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Nor Cal - Casual Meet Up?

    I’ve done this run years ago when I had a Jeep and no toddler haha. It’s a great even with fun crowd and lots of awesome rock crawling vehicles. Are they still having the 3 levels of runs in Saturday? Food was good to for the one provided.
  7. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Overland Hound

  8. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Members Instagram ID

    It’s been a while so I’ll post again, @Cam_Cam_Tech
  9. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Any Hunters Among Us?
  10. Cam_Cam_Tech

    4Runner Owners Registry

    Looking good!
  11. Cam_Cam_Tech

    2018 Baja 1000

    I chase for a Wide Open, the Baja challenge class.
  12. Cam_Cam_Tech

    2018 Baja 1000

    Yes I see you guys every year at contingency early in the morning. Are usually say hi take a picture of the truck. Also see you guys randomly on the course 2-3 times. I’ll be in Ensenada November 11 if you see me around in the 4runner come say hi.
  13. Cam_Cam_Tech

    The F150 Baja 1000 Chase / Overland Build

    Last year, or maybe year before that, we had a car roll early on and ripped the rear light bar off the top. Taking out brake and amber lights with it. Drove for a while like that before it was able to get it fixed
  14. Cam_Cam_Tech

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    I may be selling mine near December/Jan time. 3rd gen 4runner. Pics on my account @Cam_Cam_Tech. But not under 150k haha
  15. Cam_Cam_Tech

    2018 Baja 1000

    Anyone headed down or will be in the area for this years 1000? I