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    Old Nc 105

    Not trying to contradict anyone, but a few of us are meeting up there in a couple of weeks and I’ve been told that the northern part of the road coming in from the falls is in rough shape. No problem for a 4x4, but not something I’d tackle in a sedan. Good friend who lives close by told me he...
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    Charlotte New Guy

    Hey, welcome. Charlotte also. Haven't been getting out much lately but with it cooling down that will likely change. There's a big group going to overland east you should consider hooking up with.
  3. brianb2

    Plow Disc Cooking

    If you’re considering getting it from Agrisupply consider their disc cooker. $30 and it’s plenty big. Handles are useful also.
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    The official OTO "Ozark Trail Overland" gear thread!

    Yeah, looked at the Gazelle during the last Overland Expo. Great design and super easy setup. Only drawback for me was the door. Probably not an issue, just seemed like they could have found a better compromise. Regardless, I think it's a great tent and one I still think about purchasing.
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    The official OTO "Ozark Trail Overland" gear thread!

    I'm a long time backpacker and a hammock is my preferred sleep system when I have to carry it on my back. Nothing beats the combination of weight and comfort. If you get the chance you should try a bigger hammock than the ENO. They tend to be around 9' long and for a lot of people that's too...
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    Plow Disc Cooking

    For you guys cooking on these discs, you should look into getting a “Sous Vide” cooker for home. I think the two are a perfect match. We cook up steaks, chicken, shrimp, fish all on the rare side in the Sous vide, then freeze them and finish them on the disc. If you’ve tried to cook thick cuts...
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    The official OTO "Ozark Trail Overland" gear thread!

    That’s an interesting idea. I was going to build a battery bank housed in an ammo can for similar purposes. I don’t need the compressor, and would like some additional ports for usb. On the fence, I’d easily spend $60 on the build. Thought about one of these also: Powkey AC Power...
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    The official OTO "Ozark Trail Overland" gear thread!

    I like it better on a trailer. Makes more sense to me. Any problems in high winds?
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    Camping gear list...

    Good advice from 1Louder, especially that last bit. If you’ve got other gear intensive hobbies you hopefully get the meaning in his statement. Another saying that fits...The more you know, the less you need. How about a few details from you? Sleeping alone or with others? Any critters...
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    US Southeast NC/SC Brown Mountain OHV Overnight Trip - 04/06/2019

    Have fun group. Sounds like a good turnout. The rain that just came through should make for a fun ride. Don’t forget your muck boots. If you’re planning to camp on trail You might think about leaving a couple of rigs or tents at the big site. Have fun.
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    The official OTO "Ozark Trail Overland" gear thread!

    I’ve got two of those bags. At $12 they’re a steal. Well made.
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    US Southeast CLT Rigs & Burgers - 03/16/2019

    Thanks, tried the first link in the original post and it didn’t work. That one worked great.
  13. brianb2

    US Southeast CLT Rigs & Burgers - 03/16/2019

    Hey @NC-Trooper what time that day? Didn’t know about the first one. Sounds fun.
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    Hurricane creek to max patch NC

    It's been 3 months since I was there last, so I'm not sure my information is up to date. When I talked to a local out there, he told me the road itself was public but that's it. There's a lot of side roads and other land that is privately owned and there are literally a hundred signs posted on...