Xterra PRO-4X DIY Drawer system in the works!

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Not really. My problem is I carry a lot of stuff in the trunk regularly. If I have gear under there, I have to remove everything to access that compartment. This way, I have access to my stuff via the drawers. Over on www.thenewX.org & www.socalXterra.com, there are forum threads showing how guys added several ammo boxes welded together under there for additional storage room but only after they got an offroad rear bumper with rear tire carrier to move the spare tire. I'm not quite there yet.

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I've got the rear bumper w/ tire carrier, and I've thought about expanding into the old spare tire well, but I haven't taken that step yet. I guess if I can move stuff into drawers, I'd have less need for the floor storage. For now, though, it's the only way I can store stuff out of sight, which is key in my area where vehicle break-ins aren't even considered a crime at this point...

Thanks for the feedback!