Willamette Valley Group Clean Up

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Roy & Kristin Zirpoli

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After the weekend warriors pack up for the season, our group is starting to plan what we hope will become an annual multi-group effort in which we will all start in different locations and meetup at a central point. Along the way, we will stop at popular camping destinations and clean up after our less eco-friendly travelers. We will be asking other OB chapters and non-OB groups alike to participate if they would like. If you would like to join in on this, let me know and I will keep you informed and get you in on the planning. Clean up will happen all day on Saturday, meetup that night for a bonfire of what can be burned, sort recycling, bag the rest for disposal and then a fest of shared items brought by everyone who participates- followed by I am sure a few adult concoctions perhaps. Hope to see several joining. North to South- East to West- we need everyone. Get in here!