Why is Overlanding fun?

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I thought I would throw this out there and ask...what makes Overlanding so much fun for you?

For me, it's adventure, freedom, exploring, go any where, see things that most people don't get to see or do and most importantly...meeting people with the same passion of adventure.

I thought I would throw in a couple of pics from my last overland trip to Moab...enjoy!

13116280_1181778311841559_2791010039784516457_o.jpg 13116497_1181779371841453_5192199768672322499_o.jpg 13173573_1181778861841504_8438671811520267782_o.jpg 13173451_1181777901841600_3658908911736245027_o.jpg 13173587_1181778151841575_5137286949969169937_o.jpg 13244159_1181779071841483_7122468835707778462_o.jpg 13217593_1181777681841622_3791741323960364383_o.jpg
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For me its the Freedom!.....Fresh air...the great outdoors...The driving....the comraderie, the ability to disconnect for a litte while and get back to basics.

Theres going to be a day, sometime, where we all will need these skills and gear. I, for one, will not to be caught off guard by being unprepared. whilst having fun with said gear in the interim.

Its a lifestyle with many facets, and its appeal differs with each person. Teach your children to love this Freedom, because God Forbid, there comes a day when someone or something tries to take it away.