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When your rig changes your plans for you.

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After a particularly stressful period of life lately, I decided to have this week off work to jump in the 80 and with the bride's blessing, hit the road solo for a few days. Except on Friday afternoon, I noticed a strange noise and a bit of vibration through the steering.

A bit of investigation revealed the infamous 80 series LC problem of snapped passenger side king pin studs. Two out of four sheared. This thing is going nowhere. Steering is a feature I have come to enjoy.

So my week off has turned into a week on the tools in the shed, with the tunes cranked up and a few brews. Given this is caused by a leaking axle seal I decided to rebuild both swivel hubs. She'll just have to be ready to go next time!

It's the first day of autumn here and still 37 degrees C (which Google tells me is 98F), so bit warm to go camping anyway.... Gotta look on the bright side.



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Dang, glad you caught before it letft you in a ditch
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We just had a thread on Mud about this a week ago. Glad you were observant enough to catch the steering play. Put some locktite on the stud threads and torque the nuts down to proper spec. I've since come up with a pre-trip checklist that includes
"checking your nuts"

As well as checking:
Lug nuts
Wheel bearing play
Tire PSI
Caliper bolts
Steering arms
Any new leaks
Brake hoses
Fluid levels
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