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What About Performance Chips?

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I know there is a wide variety of opinion...

I upgraded my tires/wheels and a 2" lift. I was getting 20/14 typically on the lighter 32". After the upgrade to 33" Coopers its 16/12.

In early testing, the mileage/HP chip I just installed looks like a 20% gain back in MPG. Yesterday's running around town: 10.7 MPG. Today's, after the chip install, similar driving: 12.8. When I got into some steady state streets, I got up to 13.8. Dont know about highway yet, but the chip appears to work like advertised. Noticeable power gains, too.

For them as whats interested, its a Chip Your Car OBD plug-in, Stage 3. They advertise up to 50-60 HP and 5-8 MPG gains. So far, they're right. Their chips are specifically tailored to your vehicle. The lowest-cost I could find for actual re-mapping the fuel system.

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One thing about Toyota's is there is very few true performance chips out there. Its awesome that you are regaining some of your MPGs back, but some of that could be your driving changing a little adjusting to your rig after the lift and tires. I know for the Tacomas it took a long time for anyone to crack Toyota's computer to get a transmission temp read out on a tuner or digital gauge.
Most of the performance chips out there for the Toyota's seem to only adjust the input of the throttle making it more sensitive or less sensitive as you push the pedal. Typically they do not have anything to do with remapping the fuel system or even the A/F ratios, due to there being WAY too many variables between intakes and such if you have aftermarket parts.