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Looking at completing the WABDR sections 5 and 6 with maybe a small part of section 4. We will be coming from Canada and staying the night in Seattle before hand. Does anyone have any tips? I think we need a USFS permit for some of the camping in the foresty areas. I was going to use a couple of online passes. We will probably take 2-3 days to do those sections. Is that enough time or too much maybe?

Any advice would be great. We are starting out on the 03rd of September.
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My wife and I completed the whole thing on 07.12.19. We took our time and completed it in 7 days. We had a Washington state discover pass (not a USFS permit) and a campfire permit as well, but no one checked us to see if we had one and we dispersed camped every night.

All of the Duel-Sport Bikers are nice people and if you see one in need just checking up on them you will win yourself a friend. They will come up-on you quite fast and they really appreciative if you can get out of their way.

My only advice is to monitor the ADVrider.com forum for the latest updates. You can find this link at the BDR website. The reason we monitored this forum is that you can get the latest updates on road conditions. Note one thing and that is what Duel-Sport Bikers are concerned about may or may not be an issue to you. If Duel-Sport people post keywords like "passable" that could be an issue for a 4x4. All Duel-Sport Bikers are concerned with Road Ruts, Switchback, and Baby Heads, these are terms that rarely concern 4x4's.

That's my two cents, have fun.
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