US East Vermont Overland Birdwatching Safari Ticket -$275

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Hate to do this but I can’t attend this year. Last years VOBS was amazing! 2019 was sold out months ago but if you didn’t get a ticket, now is your chance. Unlike events like Overland Expo, you actually get to drive your vehicle all over the Class 4 roads of Vermont. The VOBS is limited to 250 vehicles so it is smaller and more intimate. Enjoy meeting new friends in the beautiful fall painted scenery of Vermont.

VERMONT OVERLAND BIRDWATCHING SAFARI is the epitome of the exploration aspect of Vermont Overland. Participants in VOBS use their well-appointed vehicles to venture out into the Vermont backcountry to view their favorite indigenous bird species. Along the way, they'll make stops at local pottery shops, country stores, nano-breweries and historic sites. Many love to find remote cemeteries and imagine how Vermont looked when horse and buggy meandered the ancient roads. Some just come to take in the amazing fall foliage and enjoy the localvore food trucks back at camp. Whatever the reason, VOBS has become a cult overlanding bucket list gathering and we like that just fine.

The registration is good for one vehicle -throw as many buddies in there that you want. Details about the event can be found here.