Ursa Minor J30. Pros and Cons from those who have or have had one.

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I own a 2018 JKUR that I love, it is the best vehicle for exploring for MY needs, wants and areas of interest. Since the day I ordered my Jeep I have been debating whether I want the Ursa Minor J30. I have seen some threads on social media where they are discussed, they all seem favorable, but then again, the threads were largely sponsored by the manufacturer of these top replacements. I have seen all the YouTube videos from "The Road Chose Me" and Venture4wd and they seem to love them. I would love some input from others who are in no way associated with the manufacturers. Yes, I know they are expensive, and it would be wrong to say money isn't an issue, but I will say, it is not a major issue for me at this stage of my life. I would love to hear the "cons" more so than the "pros". Thanks in advance.
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