**UPDATE** CA SB 249

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Good news on the CA OHV program came to my inbox this morning from CORVA!


I asked my friend Christina (Director of Special Events) at Hollister Hills if this announcement is as good as it sounds. Here's her reply:

Hello Brenton,
Yes, you can put on a BIG happy face! Things did turn out for the better! As I understand it, the update flows more in line with how the bill was originally set up. It’s great news that there is no sunset clause now and that the OHV program will continue to be funded along with the OHV grants.
Thanks for the update regarding your training class – just let me know when you want to take a look at dates again.
Sounds like you have a lot going on – hopefully your leg is healed now.
I’m doing fine, thank you for asking, and you are wished a great day too!