US Rocky Mountain Tuttle Creek ORV - light 4 wheeling.

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Hey for anyone interested, Myself and a few friends are planning a trip to Tuttle this Saturday the 18th. I stopped by there yesterday and while the river was high the ORV park wasn’t bad. Lots of trails I was able to access. It is supposed to be raining Saturday so not sure how that will impact stuff but we are still planning on going. We are coming from Lincoln and plan to be out there around 11-11:30. If anyone wants to join us we will be on CB channel 17 with Ch 21 being an alternate. I also have a HAM, I’ll be monitoring the VHF national call 146.520 and the local UHF repeater 442.750 offset +5 MHz, PL 162.2. I can also bring just FRS walkie-talkies if need be but I don’t have a channel planned so let me know if there’s something you want.

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