EU Mid Europe Traveling true the forests roads in Lithaunia. Rules

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We can start planing som trips for the summer. Lithuania one of the green country in Europe with more than 30% of it's land covered in forests.
Some facts:
Member of EU since 2004.
Currency is € since 2015.
There is allowed to drive on the roads with any car, SUV or 4x4 as long as you keep all in order and do not detroying the road (on purpose). There are so many beutifull places to see here. The only one big (not as big comparing with others in Europe) castle we have is TRAKAI.
If any quaestion or need a help to plan your trip feel free to contact me by DM.

Short video of my trip true the forest so you can see the nature.

Usefull links:
Rules of visiting "Kuršių Nerija" (ENGLISH):
Visiting rules
Interesting places and many more information:
Kuršių Nerija National Park
No 4. In a camper van around Lithuania | Lithuania Travel

So main points traveling true a forests in Lithuania:
1. Were can we drive
Persons have the right to freely visit forests, except for forests of reserves and special purpose objects (border zone, military objects, etc.) and forests where this is restricted by other legal acts. (Mostly you will see road sign with forbiden to drive only at forests of reserves)

It is possible to enter the forest and drive under it by vehicles only on the roads and vehicles indicated by the road signs.
Cycling is also possible on recreational, cognitive or other forest trails, without disturbing pedestrian forest visitors. In the cases referred to in point 5, after the decision of the municipal executive authorities to prohibit or restrict the visit of persons to the forest, some roads in the forests may be closed. The forest managers of the building are prohibited from entering the forbidden forest and driving signs. Other restrictions on the use of forest roads (road barriers, etc.) may be used in addition to the information signs specified in Paragraph 6 of the Rules.

It is allowed to park vehicles in forests only in the parking lots (parking lots) intended for that purpose and on the curb of the forest road, ensuring the possibility for other vehicles to pass through the road. If possible, do not park vehicles on moss, lichens, jams.

Fireplaces installed in short-term rest areas must be no closer than 5 m to the tree trunks and surrounded by a strip of removed combustible materials at least 0.5 m wide.
Forest visitors are only allowed to prepare fuel for fireplaces by choosing branches, saplings or felling waste.

15. Forest visitors are prohibited from:

15.1. to create fires during the fire-friendly period (except for fireplaces installed and marked accordingly in short-term rest areas), to burn rubbish, otherwise use open fires, throw fire-extinguished matches, smokers and other objects that may cause a fire in the forest and closer than 50 meters to its limit;
15.2. to cut or otherwise damage trees and shrubs, to destroy the forest floor;
15.3. to capture and destroy wild animals, transport them, collect bird eggs, dismantle animal housing (caves, ditches, nests, anthills, etc.);
15.4. damage to resorts and other recreational equipment, information signs and stands, blocks of quarter lines, boundary markers or other facilities in forests;
15.5. to allow loose dogs to run in the forest without muzzles, except in cases when dogs are used in hunting while driving, in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Hunting of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette Valstybės žinios, 2002, No. 65-2634) and other legal acts;
15.6. to make noise or otherwise disturb wild animals, to interfere with the recreation of other forest visitors;
15.7. wash or clean vehicles in the forest;
15.8. pollute or litter in the forest, leave in the non-rubbish bins the waste generated during the forest visit or other waste.

16. Forest visitors must:
16.1. comply with these Rules;
16.2. upon noticing the fire, extinguish it, and if it is not possible to do so - immediately notify the nearest state enterprise, the forest enterprise or forest district, the state park administration, the state fire protection service, the police or the municipal executive body;
16.3. to constantly monitor the ignited bonfire; after burning, pour it into the ground or water until it stops burning completely;
16.4. to report the observed injured, sick or strangely behaving wild animals to the nearest SE forest enterprise or forest district, veterinary service, agency of the regional environmental protection department or hunters' club (club).

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Hello Tomas,

Thank you very much for this detailed information. It's super good and valuable! And if everyone sticks to the rules, we still have and will have a lot of freedom for a long time!

Thanks for sharing! The Baltic States are really beautiful and the region has a lot to offer! I have been there several times and love it.

Cheers, Björn
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