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We are currently running 255/75 on our jeep and well trail riding this weekend with a Ottawa jeep club (great bunch of guys by the way) , we realized we didn't have as much clearance as we thought we did for the obstacles, What size does everyone else run? Should we go up to 295/70 or do you think well exploring the 255/75 will be enough?

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Really depends on what you want to do and how aggressive. There are different schools of thought on the issue. I'm pretty happy with a 3" lift and 33's. I run 285/75/R16 Duratracs and so far have been happy. I considered going up to 315's but 33's seem to be the sweet spot for me when it comes to overlanding. I'm not into rock crawling. Just like to get off the beaten path and see the sights. On other overlanding forums, I've read people are plenty happy with 33's too. Also depends on what your rig is geared for and what engine you have. Performance is going to be impacted greatly. Plus, going to a larger tire size is going to wear out parts faster. I had my front Dana 30 sleeved and gusseted because I was going to run 35's. Even with 33's I'm glad I had it done. Going to larger tires means you may need new wheels, modify bump stops, etc. And of course, the ever expensive regearing to accommodate larger tires. Also, buy a pro cal or something to change your shift points when you move up to larger tires. Also expect your mileage to decrease as well. I gained a little bit back with the pro cal. But not much.
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how much clearance do you have, how much flex does the rig have to clear larger tires
these would be my first concerns


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Between the size your talking about there's only like an 1" difference right?
At least on a 16"rim it would be going from 31.1" to 32.3".
If this is right your only gonna gain 1/2 of an inch.

I haven't done any true clearance measurements yet, or approach/departure angles. I need to. But I know my current undercarriage clears 18+" (everything above axle and control arms), maybe a little more.

That's on nearly bald 265/75/16s (31.6hx10.4w).
Plan to go to 285/75s soon.

Bare in mind mines a 2wd so I just need it to clear fallen logs, smaller rocks, ledges etc. Nothing that requires crazy amounts of articulation.

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Tall tires give you more ground clearance, but they're hard on your brakes and you may need to change out your differential gears to maintain torque. Wide tires give you more "flotation" (the ability to not sink into sand, snow, mud, etc.), but are prone to hydroplaning. I'm running 456 gears with 33x12.50s and noticed a HUGE increase in traction over my old 33x10.50s.

Also, tire height & width only make a difference when they're turning ;-) Love my ARB Air Lockers.
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