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During my rig build planning and prep, I searched in the forums area for Warn VR Evo 10-S and the ComeUp winch 9.5RSi.

No hits. Maybe I’m doing something incorrectly.

I am therefore putting it out in the ether: What makes one winch better than the other and is the difference in cost between these two models so significant that it makes sense to select one over the other?

Bumper choices in this particular case are the C4 lowpro and the MLO center.

I’m taking cover awaiting your feedback. Thanks in advance


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I have been running and old style VR8000 on the front of my Jeep with no issues. The biggest differences with winches ( espectially comparing Warn to Warn) is line pull speed. some have a planetary gear that pulls a little faster but you pay for it, the VR series has always been the lower end model with a slower line pull, but if your not in a competition it will get you out. That being said if you can afford the 9.5RSi go for it. it would make quick work of any stuck you will likely find.


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Winch choice, Brand name vs .....

Even Warn offers 3 levels, Built overseas, overseas components assembled here, Made in the USA.
Prices reflect those choices. The M8000 Made in the USA was my choice.

Beyond that exist a wide range of price vs quality..... not always reflected in the price.
There is an ultra inexpensive Brand which keeps getting praise. Sorry, i'd have to spend a week to remember it....... thinking badlands but maybe that was the bad one...
if price counts,...... shop, if price is not so important, ......Warn M Series.

I found the best choice was the manufactures winch mounting plate. If you are confused with which winch to buy? The level of quality or lack there of in bumpers is astronomical.

torn-recovery -point.jpg

Definitely buy a brand name bumper.

Also, a bulky cool looking bumper will either be heavy or heavy and poorly built. On winch bumpers, I always say look for a minimalistic bumper, winch mount. And look for higher grades of steel. When in doubt look for brand name.

Weight is always an issue so compact is a plus.
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I watched my local Craig's List for several months and found a new/used Warn Zeon 12-s + wireless kit for $800. Couldn't pass that deal up, it had been on the front of a 1 ton Ford for a year then removed, never been used for a recovery. I serviced the gear box and tensioned the rope, does the job.


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I have a Warn Zeon 10S, for me it was that or the Comeup 9.5. I ended up with the Warn because I got it on sale around Christmas 7 years ago. I had it on my JKUR and then when I mounted it to the GX470’s new bumper 3 years ago, I had to do a relocation for the controls and the Warn has that kit, don’t know about the Comeup series. Over the years I have only used the winch 5 times and every time it did it’s job. What I like about the Zeon and the 9.5 is the water proofing on them.

I still have the winch and it will go on the new bumper for the Tacoma in a month or so.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either one