US Southwest Texas - Land Rover Discovery 2 Safety Devices Roof Rack + Hella Lights and Many Accessories - [SOLD]

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Time for something new, so I'm getting rid of my D2 Safety Devices roof rack and all accessories that go along with it. Full list of items bellow.

Located in Wichita Falls, Texas. Willing to negotiate delivery to either the DFW or OKC and in between if needed, just contact me and we'll figure it out.

-No rust
-Fresh textured coating as of last year
-4 Hella Rallye 4000 lights with stone shields and 130w Hella bulbs added
-Has the add on light protector bar
-FarmTek flooring
-Limb Riser attachment points (I could throw in the limb risers too if interested)
-HiLift jack attachment
-Four rear worklights of some brand or another with harness


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