FOR SALE Surco S5072 50" x 72" Safari Roof Rack

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Ball Ground, GA, USA
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I'm selling the roof rack that was on my 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ. It's an awesome full length aluminum Surco rack, with a flooring kit and four gutter mounts per side (very sturdy rack and mounting system). If you were to buy this exact rack from amazon now (as I did), it would be about $700. I'm asking $500. It's still assembled, so if you came here (Ball Ground, GA), I could help you mount it, but I could also disassemble it and ship it on your dime.

I also drilled holes in the mounts to let the rack sit about an inch lower, which keeps it closer to the roof, and keeps it much lower profile. You could of course still mount it using the original holes as well.
  • Rack: Surco S5072 50" x 72" Safari Rack - Amazon link
  • Flooring kit: Surco 1113 Safari Rack Flooring Kit - Amazon link
  • Gutter mounts (2 sets, 8 mounts total): Surco GM100 5-1/2" Roof Rack Gutter Mount Adapter - Amazon link
Photos of it on my Jeep:

IMG_8630.jpg IMG_8632.jpg