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Discussion in 'Community Ideas and Requests' started by Fozzy325, Dec 29, 2018.

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  1. Fozzy325

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    Calgary, AB, Canada
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    I have been looking for a location to post driving tips but was unable to find one.

    I would like to suggest that a Topic Header be added under
    Forum-Overland Discussion-Driving Tips - Sticky official guides

    Forum- Overland Discussion - Driving Tips
    (Sticky) Landrover
    (Sticky) Jeep

    Objective - The objective for this topic header is to post driving tips from reliable sources.

    Reasoning - I found this document on the Land Rover site when I was looking for a statment on airing down with 19" OEM stock wheels.

    There are many other general great tips which is not just for land rover drivers. It would also give the opportunity to post links to Youtube driving classes, specific area related driving tips e.g. Driving on cooled Lava (like razors)

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