Spring Break - Michigan to Utah, California, Arizona...

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So, now that it looks like this is a sure thing, it's time to let you all know about a road trip I have planned for Spring Break.

I'm really excited to be planning a 3 week, 6000 mile road trip, starting in Marquette and driving west to Utah, Arizona, California and points in-between. I'm planning 400-450 miles a day to keep it at a relaxing pace.

I have a few route options so that's still preliminary but Here's a map of my current route. I'm sure this will change many times over.

The idea is to camp as much as possible and stay off the freeways as much as possible. It will still be pretty cold in the Northern and Mountain states so there will be some Motels along the way as well.

Some of the potential highlights/stops I will attemp are, Devils Backbone (Escalante, UT to Boulder, UT), Burr Trail (Boulder, UT to Bullfrog, UT), Death Valley and Red Breaks Slot - Big West Fork. It's a pretty aggessive schedule so this will probably all change.

I have a huge list of things I want to do before I leave. Here they are in basic order of importance to the trip:

Replace Ignition (done)
Fix exhaust collector pipe (pipe dropped off at exhaust place)
Install new seat (Weld up bracket, install seat)

Fix Wiper Fluid Leak (probably split hose going to headlights)
Reconfigure rear platform (just some reorganization)
Fix hazard lights (need to troubleshoot. Could just be fuse or something)
Fix driver door window crank (very stiff in cold weather)

Less Important:
Take liftgate in for bodywork (need to keep the bodywork project moving)
Remove rear seat heater (and sell it on ebay)
Weld up rear bumper and powder coat (big project)
Mount Fuel and Water cans (probably need to fab a mount. I'm too cheap to buy)
Ceiling mount CB and Ham Radios (I'll write this one up when I get to it)
Install flood lights (cheap LED floods for area lighting and backup)
Acquire and install louder horns (I'm thinking cadillac horns)
Fix Passenger door window crank (stiff in cold weather)
Add hose to distributor vent (water cross proofing)
Check axle vents (water cross proofing)
Mount MaxTrax

Plenty to do there. : )

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