Southwestern US trip in February

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Every winter, I am blessed with 10 week of paid “leave”
Which means, they lay me off but pay me during that time to retain me as an employee.
So I plan on devoting the month of February traveling.

We’ll be coming down from Vermont. In a mild build 4Runner with a RTT. We can currently carry 3 days worth of fuel and food without worry. I don’t plan on any hotel stays besides the way there and back and if we wind up in a metropolis like Vegas.

We’ll be bringing our bikes and our skis.

Does anyone know of an itinerary that would be a close match or further insights?


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Let me know what you want to see in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.. you could spend 3 weeks here and never get bored.. Lots of routes and campsites available....


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About to start planning a trip from Rhode Island to Arizona, so I'll be interested in what you find. I'm sure someone has done a New England to Utah roadtrip :)