South Central IN trail spots?

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Ive been trying to find trail or something that not Haspin Acres crazy but still something a CR-V or something would have trouble getting though. Im in south indy with an 08 4Runner and the most ive got to enjoy is to occasional flood lol. I got a leveling kit and tires so nothing crazy for me but just something i can stretch her legs and actually use the locker every once in a while. Opinions?


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Whitestown, IN, USA
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How far are you willing to drive? I've come across some people talking about the Hoosier National Forest but my understanding is that a CR-V wouldn't have a problem there unless you wander off the road on an unmarked trail. However, if your're willing to make a weekend out of it head to Slade, KY (Red RIver Gorge Area) and do part of the DBBB. I was there a few weeks ago climbing and did a southern portion of the DBBB. There were 4-5 water crossings, some mud, and small rocks. A skillful driver could get a CR-V through it if they picked the correct lines but would have a high risk of bumper and undercarriage damage.