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Sedona Trails End of August.

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region News, Events, Q&A' started by TXpedition, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. TXpedition

    TXpedition Rank IV

    Arlington, TX
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    I'm heading to Sedona August 24 -31st. We will be glamping it in our timeshare at the Hyatt...
    I know it's the middle of the work week, but if anyone will be out there anytime during the week, I plan on hitting Greasy Spoon Trail one of those days. I'd love to have company if anyone is interested. Everything I've seen looks doable, as long as it's dry.
    4 years ago I did my first solo wheeling on Schnebley Hill Road, Soldier Pass and Broken Arrow.
    This year I'll do as much as I can, as the wife isn't a wheeler.
    Somehow I got my wife to agree to Schnebley Hill Road one morning, so that's a plus. It might either be the first or first and last trail she ever takes, HAHA.

    So anyway, if any locals or visitors will be out that way at that time, look for a Quicksand Colored FJ Cruiser and lets hit the trail !!! Bulls on Patrol.JPG

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