SAR - Access & Retrieval kit

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As a previous member of the RAF Mountain Rescue team we would be on training every weekend and in the mountains on call outs during the week.

We would also respond to incidents where Overlanders would roll down hills and cliffs. (About 5 a year) this Includes people in cars thinking they can do access tracks with their family car.

Since moving back to Canada, I have heard so many reports of ATV, Overlanders and motorcycle adventurists having incidents and taking up to 12hrs to get back to help.
Normally first people on the incident were people from remote campsites or Overlanders which were 2hrs from cell service.

I’m not sure if it’s going to be worth it but I’m thinking to dedicate part of my recovery kit to a SAR access kit during my time in the MR.
I’m not saying I am going to be a SAR or tying to be a SAR.
I just want to be able help get the person or persons to a position for when medical services arrive or get the people to a location when we can contact Medicare services.

So my solution to get a person or people to an access track or trail from being stuck down a steep bank, hill, cliff is a 1 man portable rucksack with the following (not including trauma kit)

1. 60ltr rucksack
2. 2 x 100 meter 11mm static abseiling ropes
3. 2 x figure of 8 devices
4. 1 x double belay
5. 3 x pullies
6. 1 x foldable hard stretcher
7. 10 x various size slings
8. 14 x lockable carabiner
9. 6 x 4mm Prussic loops
10. 4 x ascenders
11. 1 x climbing and chest harness
12. 2 x leg immobilization pressure tubes
13. 2 x Arm immobilization pressure tubes

Requires from other equipment on vehicle Self recovery kit :
hand winch + synthetic winch rope
Tree slings
Coloured smoke for air rescue
Mini pencil flare and bangers
Trauma kit
Base medical bag including neck brace kit

As I am no longer certified, but I will carry, but not use my fluid replacement kit. This will be for a medic, doctor or nurse that may traveling in a group.

So please give me your thoughts?
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Nice list but I'm curious as to the inclusion of the stretcher.

I'm not sure if you're describing this as an access kit or a rescue kit. I'm erring on the side of caution and treating it as an access kit for the purposes of my thoughts and mean no offence or disrespect if I have the wrong end of the stick.

SAR when arrive on scene will have their own stretcher and if you need to put someone on a stretcher there is every chance it will not be a one person job especially if C-spine precautions are necessary. If rope access is needed then you've kit for one person in reality as only one harness is listed so I'd save the weight of the stretcher and replace it with a helmet.

I'd also leave out the pullies and two of the ascenders as I'm viewing this from an access kit point of view rather than a rescue point of view.