Rocky Mountain Member Reps

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US Rocky Mountain Region Director

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West Haven, UT, USA
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Please reach out to any of these guys with questions. We are here to serve our members and help them #outfitandexplore because #adventureisnecessary

A member rep is an experienced person more localized to certain areas that members can go to and to help grow our amazing community. We hope to bring on many more for the Rocky Mountain Region.

If you are interested please message me I would love to talk more.

UT- Aaron Tiede @A-Aron Who has amazing knowledge and is an encyclopedia about Southwest Utah. He has taken us on a couple pretty amazing adventures out there.

UT- Jason Tiede @Knitron Has been a member for many years and is a specialist in the Northern Utah area. Great at helping new members plan events and has taken us on some fun trips already.

UT/CO -Justin Gilbert @Anchor Mtn who has mountains of info on the East part of Utah (Moab) and Western CO. He is always willing and ready to jump in and guide people through Moab and Ouray CO.

WY- Joshua Cruse @HRCruse as our new Member Rep for the state of Wyoming. Josh has been with Overland Bound for many years. With his expertise of Wyoming and being centrally located he will be able to assist the entire state.

CO -Neal Tew @Neal A. Tew as our Member Rep for the Southeast part of CO. He is very active with ham radio and can assist with anyone wanting to learn more or get licensed. Neal has been off-roading for years and is very knowledgeable about overlanding.

KS-Kate Iwata @Iwata77 is our multi regional member rep for several states. She is based out of Tulsa OK but will be representing parts of KS/OK/AR. She has a wealth of Knowledge about OK and will be exploring other states as well

CO-Denver area-OPEN






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US Rocky Mountain Region Member Rep Utah

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Clearfield, UT
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Hey everyone. I look forward to meeting new members and help plan events and trails. Even help you setup your own OB event. We just had a successful event last week that I member wanted to do on spot. Excited to get out there and explore. Just a reminder, as the snow melt is coming off our mountains and trails are opening up, be safe and stay on the trail. Going off the trail severely damages the terrain, especially when it is still so wet. TREAD LIGHTLY! We'll see you out there!


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