Road Trip Bay Area to Jasper to Banff to Glacier to Yellowstone to Tetons

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Hi All,

Looking for some good places to see on this route. This trip will be a few days of hotels and mostly camping. I'm camping in some National Parks on some nights since we have never been to these parks, but other nights I am looking for some good dispersed camping spots. I'm in a FJ thats modified so 4x4 is not an issue, however nothing extreme on this trip since I'm only 1 vehicle with family onboard. Anybody have any good suggestions or cool places to see (in a city or in the middle of nowhere). Looking for ideas of what you thought was worth seeing. Will be leaving at the end of Sept.

Thanks, Jerry-
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BC has a fantastic list of forest service campsites. All should be within what your FJ can comfortably do Iv used a few and one was absolutely mosquito infested but the rest were stunning with no one for miles.
Here is the site for them Recreation Sites and Trails BC

As for things to see the Othello Tunnels just outside Hope BC are pretty awesome Othello Tunnels Near Hope, BC | Vancouver Trails
Wells Gray Park is another great spot to check out. BC Parks
Also the Icefields parkway between Jasper and Banf is a real treat.
And there is a cool weird fantasy amusment park near Salt lake City Evermore® Park | Experience Park Utah I havent been but its on my wife and I's list.

You are almost exactly stealing my orininal plan for my honeymoon. Looks like a fantastic route