Regreasing Ball Joints

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Hey everyone!

Quick question I'm hoping someone can answer for me. I have been changing all my joints in the front end to ones that are regreasable but I have no idea how to do it. What do I need and how do I do it? I have heard its best to do it every 10k miles and its about that time!


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Hmm, not sure what you are asking. soooo,,, If you've replaced all your ball joints with greasable ones that means that there are zerk fittings on each of them, so you'll need a grease gun. For many years I had been using marine grade lithium grease with great success. Another expensive option is marine grade molybdenum grease, (moly grease). I now use the moly grease. Dont cheese out on the grease gun. don't use compressed air gun, get a good one with a pump handle and flex hose. I've been using my grease gun now for nearly 35 years, every 6 thousand miles, I wouldnt wait 10, and if you're in deep water, regrease asap. I carry a mini grease gun with us on our trips for just that scenario. And, don't over grease. If you're under there every 6k miles, 3 or 4 pumps is plenty.