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Recommendations for cheap/simple point 'n shoot cameras?

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Hey, I'm hoping the photogs in here might have some suggestions for a cheap/simple point 'n shoot that's well suited for Overlanding, outdoor and action photography. After most of my trips I always regret not getting more pictures (or vids). I have a Samsung S21 Ultra for my phone, and it's cameras are actually pretty darn good, but I find I usually leave it in the Jeep with whatever nav program I'm using up. I imagine a dedicated camera without the limitations of a phone's form-factor has to be better (despite how good the S21 Ultra is) and I figure if I keep something in my pocket I might actually take more pics.


My recommendation is for the Olympus TG5 or TG6 (they are basically the same camera so get the one you find a deal on) These are waterproof, dustproof, fit in a pocket or glove box, have built in GPS for tagging your pics, and can shoot raw to give you the most flexibility in post. They also have aftermarket support (think full scuba dive housings and lights etc...). As A Nikon shooter for my full time camera, This is my Scuba rig. It beats my gopro for video and pics. Once you get it to shoot raw rather than Jpg it is on par with some of my Nikon Bodies for quality.

They are only 12MP but unless you are printing 16x20 you'll probably never notice. (If you get a Natl Geo worthy shot that you want to print big, Photoshop and Topaz have tools to enlarge the resolution that work very well.)

Here is a run down of both:

Use the S21 for night shots from a tripod and your normal phone snap and send images and take the Olympus out on the trails.
If you need to send a pic form the Olympus, you can use a USBOTG adapter / card reader to download photos and develop them on your Samsung! Did it for a week while diving off Baja.