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So I just finished this ( ) series on YouTube.. And it got me thinking.. (again)

How much cash would I need to make this possible? For years I’ve been thinking and calculating so I almost know the list out of the top of my head now. Kinda scarry but hey that’s how it goes..

2 years ago I had the amazing idea to fund the dream with crowd funding, so that kinda failed hard. So I’m just slowly saving up cash now and this year should be the year I can get a rig. A Landcruiser 120 (Prado) to be exact.

So depending on what vehicle I get with what mods there is a small list of things I would deffo wanna do to it. Like getting AT tires, privacy windows and a good navigation / audio system.

I did enter a lottery as always with newyear.. ofcourse I didn’t win anything xD but hey.. If I would get € 20k.. I would have enough to buy the vehicle, buy the stuff I mentioned above. Get a roof rack with a RTT, a fridge and some other random stuff and go out and explore.

Going to Africa like in that YouTube vid isn’t a main goal or anything. Just being able to go out and just go anywhere and just live. But getting the cash is going to be slow and for now I’ll probably first get the rig.. get the AT tires.. and have some fun.. the RTT or a camper trailer or anything like that is going to take a few years.. but that’s ok.. It will get there in the end =)
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Good Luck with your build! I'm sure would be able to do a lot with stock vehicle. Just get out there and have fun man!
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As I'm sure you already know, the Prado is a great rig. I'll second what @Down2fran said, once you get your rig, "Just get out there and have fun".

Don't get caught in the trap of "I need this one more bit of gear or this one more upgrade before I'll be ready to go". I say that as much as a reminder for me as for you. More often that I'd care to admit, I've deferred going exploring, because of some bit of "needed" equipment.
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