Quick overnighter in the Unitas

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Been a month since I was out and I had a itching to go. Family did not want to camp in the low 30s (*cant blame them, I'm weird and love to winter camp) call a few friends, and none could make the short notice trip, so I said, I'm going. First patch of off road was Spring Canyon Road from the exit of the Duschene Tunnel into the Provo River. Found a sweet little camp spot for next year, its off the trail and there are a set of trees just perfect distance to hang from.

Everyone's favorite type of trail, dry or near dry river bed.... nothing a strong kidney cant handle.

Little nestled parking spot and camp site

I then shoot up near Whitney Reservoir. My favorite part of this area and this time of year is the leaves changing, then add effect to anything. A few years back I got some nice shots of a pair of moose down this trail a bit. It was just finished snowing. Ill have to find them and upload them. Had some good photos that year.

Hammock camping out of the X. Just something perfect about hammocks, could be the small pack size/ light weight (concern when backpacking), the great sleep, and the modularity of it all. I'm a way big hammock fan.

Tried to get a photo of the moon along with the X, I need photography skills, but I still liked the shot. It could be the $90 camera I am using as well. When backing I wanted something that was small and took AA batteries, been using it since I found it.