Pull-Out Platform for my "8020" Kitchen Module (pic heavy!)

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On my last camping trip i used my DIY kitchen for the first time and it worked great.
But because i had to place it on the tailgate getting to my other gear in the back of the car
was not that easy of course.

So this is what i made:


And this is how i made it..

I decided to build a pull-out platform to make life a bit easier on longer trips..
Because i like to keep the car relative light weight since it's my daily driver i did not want to use
a (heavy) wood base plate in the back of the car to bolt the pull-out platform on.
So after some thinking i decided to use a 2040 aluminum extrusion as a crossmember
(sorry don't know a better word in English for it) and bolt it to the factory tie down nuts behind the back seats.
Because they lay a bit deeper in the floor i had to fabricate two solid spacers.

This chunky block is what i had laying around.. Try and use stuff i already have.



Something like that.. two solid spacers to bolt the crossmember on too.


So with that sorted i now could figure out how to build the pull-out platform and how to bolt it to the crossmember.

Taking a couple 1000 measurements lol.



After al the measuring i had a fairly clear idea how i was going to build the platform and the dimensions
i can use.

To be continued..
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I ordered all the parts i needed and begun building.
The most expensive part where the 90CM - 130KG rated locking drawer slides of course.
And at 6KG they are also half of the total weight of the platform.

I build a base frame out of 2020 and 2040 aluminum extrusions that fit between the tailgate
and the 2040 crossmember in the back.

I made myself a jig for drilling the oversize holes in the center of the extrusions.
It can be done without a jig but this way i have better results..



Super light and strong construction.


The bracket i made in the front of the frame is where i bolt the frame to a rivet-nut i made near the tailgate,
it's in a steel structure underneath the plastic cover..

So before i could attach the drawer slides to the frame i had to make a couple of brackets first..
And again i used a aluminum plate i already had laying around.





A couple days later i found some ready made brackets in a hardware store..
That would have saved a decent amount of work but they looked a bit weaker so
i am still happy i made these myself and the way they look.

To be continued..!
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